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Serving most of Central and Southern Ohio for over 20 years, our State Certified Appraisers are knowledgeable and competent in every market we serve. Our Appraisers are FHA certified and experienced in appraising existing and new construction site built homes, manufactured and modular homes, vacant land, rural homes, and atypical properties. In addition to appraisals, we now offer measurement services.

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Why Use an Appraiser?

      Can't I just look up my home's value online? Of course! There are more than a few websites that provide "computer generated estimates" of your home’s value. However, our appraisers will visit your house and talk with you about any updates or improvements that you've made, professionally measure your house, and research comparable sales to make certain they are they are the best available comparable sales.

     Our access to MLS data allows us to assess the interior condition of potential comparable sales. Why does that matter, you may ask. Well, as an example, let's say you invested $X amount of dollars into remodeling your kitchen and bath and the house down the street from you just sold, but hasn't been updated since 1960 (imagine shag carpet and a velvet Elvis print). The "computer generated estimate" may use that house as a comparable in determining your home's value which would obviously result in a disparity in value. Whereas an appraiser would likely discount that sale as comparable or make market derived adjustments to reflect the difference in condition.

   If that's not enough reason to use a human appraiser, studies have shown that 99.9% of children will clean their rooms before the appraiser arrives! Okay, so maybe there wasn't an actual study, but it's true.... sometimes. 

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